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Spotlight Story: Stony Creek Students Building Teamwork

What could you build with a plastic snack bag, four lifesavers, three straws, two paperclips, 50cm of tape, 50 cm of string and a sheet of paper? 

Students in Mrs. Kanopka’s 3rd Grade class were ecstatic when they learned their task for the day- designing their very own wind-powered cars!  Using only a few simple materials, the students were challenged to design and build their own wind powered vehicle in less than 25 minutes. Students were engaged in critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration from start to finish line.  Students demonstrated their abilities to be 21st century learners as they built, tested, redesigned, and tested again.  It was great to see so much enthusiasm, teamwork, and support within the groups.  At the end of 25 minute building session, students took their cars to the “track” and measured just how far their wind powered cars traveled.  

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Posted 06/15/2015 02:12PM
This week we learned from the Governor's office that beginning July 25, 2015 there will be changes to the fees associated with two of the three background checks for volunteers. As of that date, the costs associated to the background checks at the state level (PA Child Abuse Report and PA State Criminal Report) for volunteers will be waived. The third background check, the Federal Criminal Report (FBI Fingerprinting), will remain in effect in accordance with the previously published guidelines and costs. As before, if a volunteer has lived in Pennsylvania continuously for the past 10 years, he or she is not required to obtain the FBI fingerprinting report if that volunteer signs the WSD Volunteer Disclosure Form. WSD understands that many volunteers have already obtained the PA Child Abuse and the PA State Criminal Reports at the combined cost of $20. We apologize for this inconvenience, but please know the issue is out of the school district's control. It is unclear at this point how the clearances will be processed without payment beginning July 25th but we will provide further information when it becomes available. To read more about this issue, click the tab for the Governor's Announcement. Thank you for your attention to this important information. As always, we appreciate your willingness to volunteer in our schools.

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