(200) Students

200Enrollment in District
201Admission of Students
202Enrollment of Non-Resident Students
203Immunizations and Communicable Diseases
203.1HIV Infection
205Awarding High School Diploma to an Adult Resident Who Has Not Completed High School
205.1Postgraduate Pupils
206Assignment Within District
207Confidential Communications of Students
208Withdrawal From School
209Health Examinations/Screenings
209.1Severe Allergies
209.2Diabetes Management
210.1Possession/Use of Asthma Inhalers
211Pupil Accident Insurance
214Ranking of Students
Revised Policy (effective 7/1/2017)
216.1Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy
216.2Identification of School-Aged Persons Who May be in Need of Special Education Programs or Services
216.3Supplemental Discipline Records
218Pupil Discipline
218.1Weapons Offenses
218.2Suspension and Expulsion
220Student Expression/Distribution And Posting of Materials
222Relations With Law Enforcement Agencies
223Tobacco and Vapor Products
226Search and Seizure
227Drugs and Alcohol
231Social Events and Class Trips
233Public Performances by Pupils
234Pregnant/Married Students
235Homeless Pupils
236Student Rights/Surveys
246Student Wellness
249First Aid and Emergency Care
249.1Bullying/Cyber Bullying
250Human Relations
251Drug-Free Workplace
252Vehicle Control
253Behavior Management
255Educational Stability for Children in Foster Care
256Acceptable Use of District Information and Telecommunications Resources
258Reporting of Student Progress
259Promotion and Retention
260Unlawful Harassment
261Nondiscrimination Transgender and Gender Expansive Students Policy
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