COVID-19 Resources and Information

COVID-19 Positive Case and Close Contact Reporting

Wissahickon students or staff test positive or are exposed to a positive COVID case, please complete a report to notify our Nursing Department by clicking the links below:

Daily Screening and School Attendance

  • Please refer to our Daily Screening Tool for Students and Staff. If your student is not feeling well and/or exhibiting signs of illness, please keep them at home. Our nursing offices have been busy with students coming to school not feeling well.
  • Students with a pending COVID test must stay home until a negative result is verified. NOTE: “at-home” COVID tests are not accepted for return to school/work.

COVID-19 Guidance

Wissahickon SD COVID-19 Monitoring Dashboard 
2021-2022 School Year 

This dashboard is updated daily (Monday through Friday on instructional days) to share information about the positive cases of COVID-19 reported to Wissahickon School District by the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) for individuals who attend or work in WSD.  

The information presented in this dashboard does not mean that an individual contracted COVID-19 at a District school/building or event. We work in cooperation with MCOPH to provide notification, contact tracing, and isolation/quarantine information to affected individuals. If you do not hear directly from your student's school or MCOPH, it is because you are not considered at risk due to these cases. To ensure patient privacy, the district will not provide any further information regarding affected individuals.  

The purpose of this information is intended to be one source of information, among many, that the district will consider when making decisions about its instructional programs. The CDC and PADOE recommendations will NOT automatically trigger a change in the program; rather, they will be considered along with more district-specific and locally derived input provided by the Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH). The district continues to follow the guidance of MCOPH and PA DOH in responding to positive cases, which includes protocols for contact tracing, cleaning, and ventilation. 

What are the threshold(s) that would automatically trigger a school, classroom, or cohort to shut down?

There is no automatic trigger or threshold for closing a school (or classroom) in terms of raw number of cases.  While it is true that a large number of unrelated cases might cause a shutdown due to the inability to safely or practicably operate the school/classroom, it is much more likely that school/classroom closures will result if it’s determined that there is a likelihood of transmission of the virus in the school/classroom.  The Montgomery County Office of Public Health (MCOPH) is consulted in any such situation, and can either assist with that determination or make it themselves.  It is important to remember that a large number of cases does NOT necessarily mean there was in-school transmission.  For example, the cases could be totally unrelated, the result of weekend activities rather than any time spent in school.  If it is determined that the possibility of school transmission exists, this will be communicated and appropriate action (e.g., temporary closure) will be taken.


Last Updated: 6/17/22

Total Case Count Since August 30: 1424

  • Total Case Counts for Students: 1194

  • Total Case Counts for Staff: 230


CDC COVID-19 County Check, as of June 16, 2022: LOW

This information is updated periodically as the CDC changes the community level within Montgomery County, PA.


Below, click on the buttons to expand and view each data table. The 'Cumulative Positive Case Count' data table is updated daily. The 'Quarantine and Isolation Count' data table is updated once per week. The 'CDC Community Level Data' is updated periodically as the CDC changes the community level in Montgomery County, PA. The 'District Level Transmission Data' is not updated after March 4, 2022.