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District Equity Dashboard

The Wissahickon School District is pleased to present the Equity Dashboard, a data-driven and transparent look at sixteen key equity and achievement measures that form the basis of our continued commitment for two areas of focus.

  • To identify and frame any and all gaps that may exist in our district; and 
  • To work hard to close those gaps to the best of our ability. 


Prior to this dashboard, the district measured these indicators annually. Then, it was reported out to the Board and public as an annual report in January each year. Below, there is an archive of the previous years' presentations dating back to January 2017. Now, this dashboard is updated periodically throughout each school year as new data becomes available. Also, there are quarterly reports shared at public board meetings throughout the school year that focus on a closer look at a few indicators in order to keep the spotlight on both equity and achievement - and in turn, opportunity. 

Driving Force
Gaps in specific equity and/or achievement measures combine to create a bigger, broader and more comprehensive Opportunity Gap that can have lifelong adverse impact on students. Our goal is to identify, measure, and work to eliminate all of these gaps resulting in equal opportunity for each and every Wissahickon Student.