The mission of the Wissahickon School District, a community rich in diversity and committed to educational excellence, is to empower each student to excel to their fullest potential and contribute in full measure to the health, safety, welfare, and prosperity of our community. We strive to promote lifelong learning through the delivery of essential learning standards that help our students become:

  • Competent Thinkers who are able to use critical and creative thinking, solve problems, make decisions, and analyze data.
  • Effective Collaborators who can work effectively and productively with diverse individuals and groups to achieve team success.
  • Effective Communicators who can possess the ability to express themselves through a variety of mediums, including written or oral communication, art, and music; and who accurately interpret the various methods of communication of others, asking necessary questions and demonstrating listening skills.
  • Knowledgeable Individuals who demonstrate academic proficiency in the core areas of mathematics, science, social studies, English, foreign languages, health awareness, and the visual and performing arts; and who can utilize the skills of reading, writing, research, listening, speaking, and the tools of technology in the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Physically and Emotionally Self-Aware Individuals who can understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy level of fitness, and who can balance emotional and intellectual decisions.
  • Quality Producers who can create valuable performances and products through the successful application of academic, intellectual, artistic, practical, and technological skills.
  • Resource Managers who have the ability to organize, allocate, manage, and use information and resources available for effective and efficient decision making.
  • Responsible Citizens who are well informed and able to apply their knowledge to improve the quality of their lives; who strive toward the development of personal wellness, safety, and welfare; and who contribute and participate as responsible members of the community.
  • Technology Proficient Individuals who can function in a technological society, use the resources of the Internet, adapt to rapid changes in technology, and apply technology appropriately.

One of the district’s top priorities is to prepare our students for their place in our rapidly changing world. We employ a “Technology Learning Infrastructure” that supports the needs of our 21st century learners with our main objective to:

  • Transform all classrooms into eClassrooms, also called technology enhanced classrooms, to create new opportunities in teaching and learning by integrating digital and audio visual technologies (e.g. computer with high-speed Internet access, LCD projector, speakers and interactive whiteboard).