Quick Facts

District Statistics: 2019-2020 

District-wide Enrollment: 4,871


Population Per School 

Stony Creek Elementary: 560
Blue Bell Elementary: 462
Shady Grove Elementary: 670
Lower Gwynedd Elementary: 598
Wissahickon Middle School: 1,120
Wissahickon High School: 1,344
Virtual Academy 24




Number of Students Enrolled  
Career and Technical Center 93
Charter School  25



Percent Enrollment by Student Group

Economically Disadvantaged: 21.0%
English Language Learner 2.8%
Special Education  18.3%
Gifted Students 9.5%



Percent Enrollment by Gender

Male                                         51.9%
Female 48.1%



Percent Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity

American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.0%
Asian 15.4%
Black 9.8%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
Hispanic 6.4%
White 61.9%
2 or More Races 6.4%

Professional Staff and Highest Degree (2019-2020)

Total Number of Staff: 637
Contracted Professionals: 386
Bachelors Degree: 57
Masters Degree: 317
Doctoral Degree: 12





PDE Future Ready PA Index

The Pennsylvania Department of Education recognizes that students – and the schools that serve them – are more than just standardized test scores. 

Launched in November 2018, the Future Ready PA Index moves beyond a single, summative score to increase transparency around school and student group performance – it features a dashboard approach to present data and information. The Future Ready PA Index illustrates student and school success via three color-coded categories: academic performance, student progress, and college and career readiness, providing the public with a more comprehensive look at how Pennsylvania's schools are educating students.

Visit the Future Ready PA Index to view Wissahickon School District Data