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Gifted Screening

Screening and Identification Process Revision as of January 30, 2017

Classroom teachers, parents, or other school personnel can identify students as potential candidates for the enrichment and/or acceleration program. Parent referrals are made by written request to the building principal or guidance counselor.

1. Screening - The Student Services has updated, and made more specific, the gifted screening process for determining whether a student meets the multi-criteria benchmarks for a gifted evaluation. The implementation of this new process will begin with the second school semester, January 30, 2017. The new process utilizes a rubric comprised of a non-verbal ability test, curriculum-based assessments, updated normreferenced parent and teacher rating scales, and state and local assessments.

2. If the student meets the minimum criteria, as indicated on the rubric, the District will send the parent a Permission to Evaluate form and a Parent Input form. The parent returns the signed Permission to Evaluate form to the Student Services Department and upon receipt the district’s psychologist is notified.

3. The Multidisciplinary Evaluation (MDE) follows the state guidelines for assessment and eligibility; see the “Parent Guide to Special Education for the Gifted” for details. If the student meets the criteria set forth under Chapter 16, the student is deemed Mentally Gifted. A Gifted Individualized Educational Plan (GIEP) is then developed by the Multidisciplinary Team. If a student does not meet the criteria set forth under Chapter 16, the WSD will issue the determination in writing to the parent via a Notice of Recommended Assignment (NORA). Parents have the right to contest the decision made (see the “Parent Guide to Special Education for the Gifted”).


  • Once the Parent makes an oral request, the district has 10 calendar days to provide a Request in Writing Form.
  • Once the Parent returns the signed Permission to Evaluate form, the district has 60 calendar days to complete the evaluation.
  • Once the Evaluation Report has been completed, the district has 30 calendar days to develop a Gifted Individual Educational Plan.
  • Once the Notice of Recommended Assignment (NORA) has been signed and is received, the district must implement the Gifted Individual Education Plan within 10 school days or at the start of the school year.