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Community Announcement Form

Event Announcement Approval and Digital Distribution Procedures

Wissahickon School District recognizes the social and educational values that may be derived from student participation in various activities sponsored by school and community organizations but specifies that the dissemination of such information using district resources directly benefit Wissahickon students and families. We review requests from community-based, non-profit organizations on a weekly basis and post approved events/activities on the WSD website. Please note: Community Announcements are not shared on the district's social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Criteria for Review:
According to WSD Administrative Guidelines, flyers/information submitted by non-school organizations to be considered for digital distribution/posting must meet the following criteria:

  • Offered by a community-based, non-profit organization or be a community oriented activity or event offered by students, parents or staff of Wissahickon School District *
  • Serves or appeals to the majority of Wissahickon youth
  • Contains non-curricular information with social, recreational or educational value for students and/or families
  • Does not conflict with instructional time
  • Does not include prohibited content as outlined in the Administrative Guidelines

*Fundraising activities will only be posted if they directly benefit Wissahickon students/families/schools or are otherwise approved by the Superintendent or designee.

Activities/events that are not approved for district dissemination may be shared with the Home and School Associations for each school. At their discretion, the Home and School Associations may post or distribute using their own communication tools.

WHAT and HOW to Submit:

  1. Complete Community Event Announcement Form below.
  2. Upload JPEG or PNG of the final version of your flyer - no drafts
  3. Select submit (the email will then be sent to the WSD Communications Office for review)

WHEN to Submit:

The deadline for submitting a flyer and completed form for review is 2 weeks prior to the event. Flyer distribution requests are collected and reviewed once a week. Under the circumstances that your submission was not approved, you will receive a notice of decline within one week of the submission date.

After Approval:

Approved organization flyers will be posted on the WSD website under the Community tab, Community Announcements or School Fundraisers. Events advertised via WSD TV will appear under the announcements. WSD families will be reminded to check Community Announcements on a regular basis through e-news sent by the Central Office and schools and a weekly Facebook/Twitter announcement.

Community Event Announcement Form