COVID-19 Resources and Information

Family Resources

FREE Internet Access: Comcast Internet EssentialsComcast is providing free internet through their Internet Essentials Program to support remote learning programs. 

Grab and Go Meals for Students: FREE meals to students in the Wissahickon community. Meal pick-up is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays through June 11.

Parent Education & Advocacy Leadership (PEAL) Center: COVID resource page 

Montco Anti-Hunger Network: A comprehensive list of food pantries available throughout Montgomery County for families.

Commonwealth of PA Financial Assistance Information: View the section For Individuals for information about unemployment compensation, rent/mortgage assistance, utilities, etc. 



Health Organization Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is closely monitoring the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.  The CDC website is updated frequently with information about the coronavirus (see CDC WEBSITE for additional information).

The CDC recommends a set of typical, common-sense precautions such as washing one’s hands, staying home when sick, etc.  The CDC website (see above link) has additional details on these precautions as well as information that pertains to topics as international travel or pre-existing healthcare situations.

Procedures are in place in our schools, and always have been as a matter of prudent emergency planning, to respond to any reports of communicable illness such as the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.  The Pennsylvania Department of Health issues guidance and direction to health-care providers and schools when necessary.  Guidance has been provided to health care providers in the state for suspected cases of this virus.  The Wissahickon School District complies with the direction of health agencies such as the Office of Public Health of Montgomery County and the PA Department of Health in matters of communicable illness.  If there were a confirmed case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in our community, the Office of Public Health would immediately notify us and provide guidance and information for distribution to our families.

We will update this webpage whenever we receive additional information that can be of assistance.

CDC Coronavirus Disease Fact Sheet
PA Department of Health Coronavirus Fact Sheets 
World Health Organization Coronavirus Updates
Department of Homeland Security Pandemic Information
Infographic: Coronavirus
Fact Sheet: Montgomery County Department of Health

Travel Advisory from PA Department of Health regarding Coronavirus COVID-19

Per the PA Department of Health’s website (see link below), students, parents/guardians and staff members are asked to please comply with the guidance as it relates to recent travel.  This list of countries is as of today (3/6/20) and can of course change as more information is known, so please revisit the link if you have returned from travel or will be traveling.  This is a critical piece of the overall strategy for keeping the Coronavirus COVID-19 as contained as possible.  THANK YOU.


What should travelers do?

If you have returned from Iran or China:

  1. The health department will be alerted by CDC and will contact you
  2. Stay home and self-isolate yourself for 14 days after travel

If you have returned from Italy or South Korea:

  1. Call 1-877-PA-HEALTH (1-877-724-3258) to let the health department know about your travel
  2. Stay home and self-isolate yourself for 14 days after travel

Any travelers returning from Iran, China, Italy and South Korea should self-monitor for symptoms like fever, cough, or trouble breathing. If you become sick, call 1-877-PA-HEALTH (1-877-724-3258) and the doctor's office or emergency room before visiting.

District Response and Updates