The Business Office is responsible for budgeting, accounting, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, insurance services and related services. The Business Office staff work cooperatively with the Superintendent to support the District’s educational mission.

District Budget

The District budget is developed to accomplish three primary goals:
  • maximize every child’s potential by preserving our strong educational programs;
  • fund facilities maintenance projects and rebuild financial capability to invest in future capital improvements;
  • be fiscally responsible to taxpayers.
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district budget

Wissahickon School District has Moody’s Investors Service rating of Aaa - the highest rating granted to school districts.

Audit Reports

School districts are required to conduct an independent local audit of their financial statements each year. Additionally, the State Auditor General’s Office periodically conducts its own audit of district finances and operations.

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Key Contacts

Main Number: 215-619-8000

Wade Coleman, Business Administrator
ext. 1310

Beth Valerio, Assistant to the Business Administrator
ext. 1310

Kim Marcellino, Purchasing/Business Secretary
ext. 1302

Karen Wargo, Data Support Specialist
ext. 1202

Property Tax Rebate Program

The Wissahickon School District has a new way in which some of our taxpayers can benefit from tax relief. Learn more and see if you qualify for tax relief under this new program! 

property tax rebate program