Curriculum & Instruction

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction strives to ensure that all students in the Wissahickon School District engage in a rigorous research-based educational program that will prepare them for the twentieth-first century, and the district curriculum is strategically aligned with the Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards as well as National Standards. Assessment is integral to the teaching and learning process, and our educators use a range of assessment measures to monitor both student learning and refine instruction to meet student needs and promote their achievement. The office also plans a rich professional development program to keep the district faculty and staff current in best educational practice. In addition to the professional development for our district faculty and staff, the office plans and administers an induction and mentoring program for teachers new to Wissahickon as well as those new to the profession.

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is supported by the Director of Teaching and Learning (K-12); the Director of Student Services; and the Director of Technology.



Mwenyewe Dawan, Ed.D
Assistant Superintendent

Katherine Meyer, Administration and Board Coordinator
Administration and Board Coordinator  


Jennifer Schmidt, Ed.D.
Director of Teaching and Learning

Kathryn Maahs
Supervisor of Curriculum

Dana Fields
Secretary to the Director of Teaching and Learning


Kelle Heim-Mccloskey, Ed. D.
Director of Student Services

Cindy Jampo
Secretary to the Director of Student Services