WSD Program Overview


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In our effort to engage students in a “rigorous research-based educational program,” the Office of Curriculum and Instruction oversees a curriculum review cycle designed to ensure a program that is standards-based and reflective of best instructional practices. What follows below is a K-12 overview of the many programs offered to the students of the Wissahickon School District.

Comprehensive Plan 2019-2022

Executive Summary: Wissahickon School District Comprehensive Plan - July 2019 through June 2022

DRAFT: Comprehensive Plan 2022-2025 

Every three years, districts prepare and submit a Comprehensive Plan to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Wissahickon School District’s Comprehensive Plan demonstrates the district’s commitment to continuous improvement of leadership, teaching, and learning in an effort to ensure all students excel to their fullest potential. The Comprehensive Plan identifies priorities and action plans with steps to address the established priorities.  

The Wissahickon School District Comprehensive Planning Process was coordinated by the Assistant Superintendent and steered by three essential groups – Leadership Council, the District Equity Planning Committee, and the Board’s Racial Equity Oversight Committee. In total, these three groups represent members from all stakeholder groups – students, parents/guardians, staff, administration, Board of Directors, and community members. Over the course of the 2021-2022 school year, each group met monthly to explore relevant data, reflect on current practices, and identify action steps for improving our efforts moving forward. These action steps are reflected throughout the Wissahickon School District’s Comprehensive Plan 2022-2025.

The Comprehensive Plan 2022-2025 is posted on the district website as of April 25, 2022 for 30 days for public review. We will seek Board approval of the plan at the public Board meeting on June 6, 2022, following the thirty-day public review period.