Our Vision: It is our intention to inspire our students to appreciate the art that surrounds them and to express their own individuality through their understanding of the various art elements and principles as well as their mastery of a wide range of artist techniques, tools, and overall craftsmanship.


Grades K-5

Art Elements; Art Principles; Art Vocabulary; Techniques and Processes of Art Expression; Artistic Craftsmanship; Use of Art Materials and Tools
(Standards-Based w/Increased Sophistication in the Grade Progression)


Sixth Grade

Vocabulary for Visual Design / Drawing with One-Point Perspective
Composing with Visual Balance / Using Value to Imply Three-Dimensional Form
Art History and Criticism

Seventh Grade

Vocabulary for Visual Dialogue / Introduction to Color Theory
Diagramming Color Relationships / Designing with Color Harmony
Art History and Criticism

Eighth Grade

Vocabulary for Visual Dialogue / Repetitive Pattern Design
Drawing with Two-Point Perspective / Relief Printing
Art History and Criticism


Grades 9-12

Art Media I & II
Art Media Mentorship
AP Art Studio
Ceramics I & Ceramics II & Ceramics III
Graphic Design I & Graphic Design II & Graphic Design III
Honors Art
Honors Portfolio
Photography I & Photography II & Photography III
3-Dimensional Expression
Web Design