Welcome to the Wissahickon School District, a district that is home to a rich and diverse student learning community. We are confident that your child will thrive in this exciting learning community.

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To be eligible for registration, a parent or guardian must be able to show legal residency within the boundaries of the Wissahickon School District. To determine which school your child will attend, click on MY SCHOOL LOCATOR and type in your address.

  • To start the registration process, the district has a pre-registration questionnaire. Please contact Jen Yackanicz, District Registrar, at 215-619-8000 x 1408 or by email at for a registration packet and for any questions regarding your child(ren’s) registration.
  • Once you have received your packet(s), complete one (1) packet for each child you are registering. Below you will find the required documentation needed for your registration appointment.
  • Once you have completed the registration packet(s) and you have all of the required documents ready, please contact District Registrar Jen Yackanicz for a registration appointment to complete the process. An appointment is necessary so that we can provide you the time needed to successfully register your child.
  • All registration appointments will take place at the Wissahickon School District Administration Office, 601 Knight Road, Ambler, PA 19002. Students do not need to attend the registration appointment, but they are welcome. For students entering grades 6-12, you will need to make a separate appointment with the assigned school counselor once your registration is completed with the District Registrar. This will confirm the appropriate placement and class selection for your child.
  • There are before and after school care services available to our families. Each elementary school has both a Before and After School Program run through the Ambler YMCA. In addition to meeting the daily needs of working parents, the program also provides full day care services during in-service days and snow days. Please contact the Ambler Area YMCA for more information -

The Wissahickon School District must follow all Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates as they pertain to immunizations. All parents/guardians must show proof of immunizations, and they must be up to date. If your child was born outside of the U.S. or has traveled outside of the U.S. in their lifetime, additional paperwork may be required. Again, we must ensure that we are in compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health requirements. Please contact District Registrar, Jen Yackanicz for more information.

All of the required documents must be presented at the time of the registration appointment in order that the registration can be completed. One or more missing documents further delays the completion of the registration.


The parent/guardian must bring the original documents listed below to their registration appointment. During the registration appointment, the Registrar will make a copy of your original documents. The District will maintain copies of these documents for child's school district record.

Proof of Age

The child must be 5 years old on or before September 1 in the year the student is to begin kindergarten to be eligible for admittance. School board policy does not allow for any exceptions to this date. Must provide one (1) of the following documents.

  • State Certified Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport (not expired)

Identification for Parent/Guardian

Parent/Guardian must provide one (1) of the following documents.

  • Current driver's license
  • Current government issued photo ID
  • Valid passport (not expired)

Proof of Residency

Parent/Guardian must provide one (1) of the following documents.

  • Property deed
  • Most recent property tax bill
  • Residential lease (must show signatures of tenant and landlord to be valid)

    A recently signed agreement of sale or settlement document may be used in lieu of any of the above. Must have signatures of buyer and seller to be valid

Verification of Residential Address

As an additional step of the registration process, the parent/guardian must provide two (2) of the documents below. These documents must be current (not older than 30 days). These documents serve to verify that you are current residents of the Wissahickon School District. If you have paperless billing, please log into your account and download a copy to bring to your appointment. Please ensure the copy you bring shows your name and address on it.

Parent/Guardian must provide two (2) of the following documents.

  • Electric bill
  • Gas bill
  • Oil bill
  • Water bill
  • Phone or cable bill

Proof of Immunization

Photocopy of immunization record from physician.

All students must comply with PA Department of Health requirements and must receive the following immunizations prior to registration:


4 doses that include:

Acellular pertussis

4 doses


2 doses


3 doses

(chicken pox)

2 doses
(or documentation from doctor showing evidence of immunity)

In addition, students entering grades 7-12 must receive the following immunizations prior to registration.


1 dose


      1 dose (grades 7-11)
      2 doses (grade 12)

      Custody Order (IF Applicable)

      If there is a legally signed court order that applies to the incoming student, please make this known at time of registration. Please bring copy of the order to your registration meeting.

      Special Education (If applicable)

      • Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.)
      • Gifted Individualized Educational Program (G.I.E.P.)
      • Evaluation Report (E.R.)
      • Notice of Recommended Educational Program (N.O.R.E.P)

      Most Recent Report Card/Transcript (Grades 6-12 only)

      For students entering grades 6-12, you will need to make a separate appointment with the assigned school counselor once your registration is completed with the District Registrar. This will confirm the appropriate placement and class selection for your child. A most recent report card or transcript is needed for this meeting with the school counselor. This information enables the school to create an appropriate schedule before the student arrives for their first day of school.