Student Services

The Wissahickon School District has an extensive array of programs and services that provide the opportunity for all students to achieve the ultimate benefit from their educational experience. The following categories fall under the umbrella of Student Services: Special Education, School Counseling, Health Services, and Home-School Visitor.


Key Contacts

Kelle Heim-Mccloskey, Ed. D.
Director of Student Services

Cindy Jampo
Secretary to the Director of Student Services

Ryan Wilson, Ed.S., NCSP
Supervisor of Special Education and Early Intervention

Kate Jacovino
Supervisor of Special Education and Extended School Year

Anne Miller
Secretary to the Supervisors of Special Education

Kevin Witchey, Sr. 
Home and School Visitor

WSD Special Education Plan 2020-2023
Invite for Community Review 

The community is invited to review the WSD Special Education Plan 2020-2023. The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is responsible for ensuring that all special education programs in schools are appropriate and effective. To do this, school districts must submit a Special Education Plan every three years to PDE as required under 22 PA Code 14.104. The Wissahickon School District will submit its plan to PDE in April 2022. This plan is available for public review beginning February 24, 2022. The Wissahickon Board of School Directors will vote on the approval of the Wissahickon Special Education Plan for 2020-2023 at its regular public board meeting on April 4, 2022. Please contact Dr. Kelle Heim-McCloskey, Director of Student Services at, if you have any questions about the proposed plan. Thank you.

Wissahickon Special Education Plan: 2020-2023