Child Study Team

Child Study Teams are designed to assist students’ needs, academically and/or behaviorally, at all levels. It is through this process that specific instructional strategies are developed and implemented in a general education classroom. Child Study Team members at each building are comprised of administrator(s), school counselor(s), school psychologist, special and general education teachers, speech-language therapist, occupational/physical therapists, nurse, and the student’s parent/guardian.


The classroom teacher or any other teacher who is part of the student’s educational program who has a concern may refer/recommend a student to CST. Parents may also initiate a CST referral by discussing their concerns with their child’s classroom teacher, school counselor, and/or building principal.

Parents are vital members of the CST process and are strongly encouraged to attend the meetings.

If you would like more information about the CST process, you may contact your building principal or school counselor.