Technology is an integral part of our world, and so it has greatly expanded the learning opportunities for our students. All Wissahickon schools have a variety of technology learning tools that enable the teacher to engage students in new and exciting ways, tools that enhance our students’ learning throughout the curriculum, and tools that allow for collaboration between and among students as well as our professional community.


The Technology Department works with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction to administer the Wiss21 Teaching and Learning Initiative designed to incorporate 21st Century teaching and learning in the classroom. Wiss21 provides a laptop to all students in grades 6-12, laptops for teachers, two technology coaches and funding for professional development.

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Key Contacts


John McGowan, Director of Technology

Jason Faucon, Systems and Network Administrator
Christopher Maloney, Assistant Systems and Network Administrator
Dianne Krause, Instructional Technology Specialist
Sue Degnan, K-12 Staff Developer for Technology
Linda Cappiello-Bianco, Supervisor of Administrative Software
Christie Ryan, Secretary to the Director of Technology


Technology Assistants


Debbie Duffy - Elementary
Sandra Carr- Secondary
Matt Baldassarre- Secondary