What Is Schoology?

All teachers in grades 6-12 use Schoology (pronounced /skoo-luh-jee/) - an online tool that serves as a one-stop shop for course information, assignments, grades and other learning related information. Teachers also use it to post updates to their class and school administration posts important notifications such as upcoming events.

Parents can register for a Schoology account that is linked with their children's accounts. One username and password within Schoology grants access to your child(ren)’s teachers, courses, schoolwork and grades.

How to Create a Parent Account
A Parent's Guide to Using Schoology

Schoology Mobile App

Schoology has a convenient mobile app that can be downloaded and used on mobile phones, tablets, and iPads! This app can be found in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

click to connect directly to your schoology account

click to create a new schoology parent account NOTE: Directions on registering are in the FAQ below. Students/families entering grade 6 and students/families who are new to the district will receive their Schoology access code during the first week of school.

Infinite Campus vs. Schoology - What's the Difference?





Student demographic Information (grade level, address, phone, email, etc.)

Unified Student Calendar of Events/Assignments for all courses

Parent/Guardian Contact Information and Emergency Contact Information

Detailed grades for assignments

Student Schedule  

Extracurricular/group       announcements

Overall Course Grades/Marking Period Grade (Report Cards)


IE Course Requests (WHS Only)


Health Records









Both platforms provide notifications and messaging to parents and students via email and app notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)