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2023 Wiss Nation Hero: Tony Horton

During the public board meeting on Monday, October 30, Dr. Crisfield, Superintendent of Schools, honored Anthony (Tony) Horton as the 2023 Wiss Nation Hero! Mr. Horton and his team lead the Guide Right Program for our middle school and high school students of color. He and the Abington-Ambler alumni chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity implemented this student mentorship program more than six years ago here in Wissahickon. Our secondary students of color engage in the program to cultivate leadership qualities, connect through networking opportunities for career and college readiness, and develop their social-emotional learning skills.

At this meeting, there were some special guests to help celebrate Mr. Horton as the 2023 Wiss Nation Hero - Ms. Keziah La Torre, Director of Equity and Cultural Responsiveness; Mr. Jim Kelly, Assistant Principal at the high school; Jules Johnson '22, Wissahickon alumnus; and Chloe Noel '24, current Wissahickon senior. "He is unconditionally giving, and any person who has an unconditional trait is to be valued and cherished because there are not a lot people who will give just beacuse they want to," said Jules Johnson. "One of the most important things you've taught me is about my perception. You have showed me how important it is to be mindful of how we see ourselves and the world around us," said Chloe Noel.

The Wiss Nation Hero is an annual award presented to someone in our Wissahickon community who’s made an outstanding, positive impact in the community at-large. Previous recipients include Lenny Robinson, Eva O’Brien, Robyn Betterly, Teena Derkosh, Kathy Dearborn, and Patricia Fabiani. Click here to watch Mr. Horton’s presentation at the School Board meeting (start at 39:25).