Elementary Second Trimester Report Cards Available

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The elementary second-trimester report cards are now available to view in Infinite Campus.  An overview of the Wissahickon Elementary Report Card is included below and is posted on the district website: K-12 Report Cards.

Instructions to View Your Student's Progress Report
Written Instructions
1. Login to your Portal Account.

2. Click on the three (3) lines in the top-left corner to open the Menu.

3. Click on Documents.

4. Select “Elementary Report Card” to view and print the report card.

An Overview of the Wissahickon School District Elementary Report Card

The Wissahickon School District elementary curriculum is aligned to the Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards, and as a result, we utilize a Standards-Based Reporting system for elementary students.  The PA Standards are specific learning goals designed to provide year-end targets for all students. To learn more about the PA Core and Academic Standards and the specific content and skills for each grade level, you are encouraged to visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education website: www.pdesas.org/Standard/PACore.

Over the course of each trimester, our teachers assess student performance using a variety of measures. Some of these include performance tasks, classwork assignments, journals, portfolios, as well as a range of formative and summative assessments that show evidence of student work over time. One of the purposes of a Standards-Based Reporting system is to provide specific, detailed information to parents and guardians regarding the progress their child is making toward a year-end defined learning standard as set forth by specific grade level content and skills.

The progress report provides parents/guardians information in three program areas: qualities of a learner, academic achievement, and encore subjects. Each has its own performance continuum as indicated below.

Qualities of a Learner

M:          Meeting Expectations: The student consistently and independently demonstrates grade level expectations for learning behaviors.

A:           Approaching Expectations: The student sometimes demonstrates grade level expectations for learning behaviors.

B:           Beginning Expectations: The student is not yet demonstrating grade level expectations for learning behaviors.

Academic Achievement

E:            Exceeding Expectations: The student independently and consistently demonstrates a thorough understanding beyond the expectations for the grade level year-end Pennsylvania Core Standards. Student performance requires little to no teacher support and guidance.

M:          Meeting Expectations: The student demonstrates a satisfactory understanding of the expectations for the grade level year- end Pennsylvania Core Standards. Student performance requires minimal teacher support and guidance.

A:           Approaching Expectations: The student demonstrates a partial understanding of the expectations for the grade level year-end Pennsylvania Core Standards. Student performance requires teacher support and guidance.

B:           Beginning Expectations: The student struggles to demonstrate an adequate understanding of the expectations for the grade level year-end Pennsylvania Core Standards. Student performance is often inconsistent even with teacher support and guidance.

NE:         Not Evident: The student demonstrates a lack of readiness for the expectations of the grade level year-end Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards. Student performance is measured through an alternative report of progress monitoring.

Encore Subject Areas

E:            Exceeding Expectations

M:          Meeting Expectations

A:           Approaching Expectations

B:           Beginning Expectations

Parents and Guardians with questions about their child’s progress report or overall performance toward meeting the year-end performance standards are encouraged to confer with their child’s teacher.

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