Hybrid Program Update from WMS/WHS Principals

Dear WHS and WMS Students and Parents,

As we are approaching November 9th, many of our students will be returning to our schools following our hybrid schedule – we look forward to seeing you!  We have a lot of very important information to share with you about your return to school.  Please review the following information and/or documents:

  • Our hybrid groups are labeled the Blue Cohort or Gold Cohort.  You will be receiving a notification on Monday afternoon in Infinite Campus informing you of your assigned cohort.  We used a program designed to split our students into two groups to maximize the balance in all of our classes in our master schedule.  Please know that we cannot change hybrid cohort assignments.
  • Our WMS November calendar indicating which cohort is in the building each day can be found here: WMS Calendar
  • Our WHS November calendar indicating which cohort is in the building each day can be found here: WHS Calendar
  • Our WMS Bell schedule can be found here: WMS Bell Schedule
  • Our WHS Bell schedule can be found here: WHS Bell Schedule
  • Our bus assignments and transportation schedule will be sent in the coming weeks from our Transportation Department.
  • Our permission form for WHS students (grades 9-12) who have a study hall during the first or last session of our Day 5/Day 6 rotation to arrive to school late or leave school early can be found here:
  • Information about school lunches and adding money to your student’s account can be found here: Food Service/My School Bucks
  • Information about the schedule for our NMTCC students at WHS will be shared in the coming weeks.  Thank you for your patience.  We are working with NMTCC and our Transportation Department to finalize the details.
  • We remind students to please charge their laptop each evening prior to coming to school and to please bring headphones with a microphone to school because there will be times when students will be logged on to Teams and communicating with students who are at-home learners.
  • If a student is assigned to be an in-person learner on a given day and the student is sick, a parent or guardian must contact our attendance office at (WHS) or (WMS) in the morning.  The student, if he/she feels well enough, is able to participate in his/her classes virtually that day but only if a parent/guardian contacts the attendance office at the school.  If the attendance office does not receive a parent/guardian communication, the student will be marked absent for that day. 

Thank you very much for your careful review of all this information.  We can’t wait to see you!
Lynne Blair, WHS Principal
Beth Bauer, WMS Principal