MathCounts Team Ranks in the "Great Eight"

March Madness may have been cancelled this year but Math Madness continues! Members of the WMS MathCounts Club are participating in an online, team-based event in which teams across North America compete against each other in single elimination bracket tournaments just like the NCCA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.  There may not be official pools everywhere tracking the results but that doesn’t mean students aren’t having just as much fun.

WMS was placed in a bracket of 40 teams and, after receiving a bye in the first week, have won two consecutive matches to earn a place in the “great eight”.  In their first match, the team walloped a school from Springdale, PA by a score of 29 to 9.  However, their last match was super exciting as they faced off live against a top-ranked school from Illinois.  Both teams earned near perfect scores (39/40) but WMS’s average time for each student to complete the eight challenging questions was just a bit faster.  The team await to learn if we’ll be facing the highly ranked Franklin Regional or a team from Saskatchewan, Canada in round four next week. 

Congratulations to MathCounts Advisor & 7th grade Math Teacher, Troy Deckebach, and our MathCounts students: 8th Grade:  Kenneth Cobbs, Michael Sapozhnikov, Peter Yang; 7th Grade: Rohil Cheepala, Parth Patel, Stefan Preutu, Anika Rastogi; 6th Grade: Kevin and Andrew Li.