Next Steps and Timeline for School Start/End Times

Wissahickon School Start and End Times - Next Steps and Timeline

The full Board and public will receive regular updates on the progress of this Board goal at regular public meetings throughout the entire process via an informational item in the Communication Committee Report section of the agenda.

  • October 2021
    • Board officially adopts a two year district goal:
      • 2021-2022 District Goal #1:  Begin the process of examining options for later school start times, with pros and cons identified, including regular staff, community and stakeholder meetings to invite feedback, with the intent of making all necessary changes and implementing the new start times at the start of the 2023-24 school year (year 1 of 2-year goal).
    • Work begins to study examples from other districts, recruit volunteers for the process here and put a process/timeline in place
  • January 2022
    • Community Conversation #1 (via Zoom) on 1/26/22
    • Plan for formation of Advisory Committee (composition, how to recruit members, etc.)
  • February 2022
    • Staff  Conversation #1 (via Zoom) on 2/2/22
    • Advisory Committee formed (& notices sent out)
  • March 2022
    • Advisory Committee Meeting #1 (via Zoom) on 3/9/22
    • Gather detailed experience data from 3 example districts (Radnor, Phoenixville & Quakertown)
  • April-May 2022
    • Advisory Committee Meeting #2 in April 2022; topics include examples of other districts, student life, and afterschool athletics and activities
    • Advisory Committee Meeting #3 in May 2022; topics include transportation and labor/union issues
  • Jun-Aug 2022
    • Leadership Team develops detailed options for the TWO MAIN STRANDS for people to consider
      • FLIP times of schools (older students go later)
      • SLIDE all times later at all schools (keep order the same as it is now)
      • Pros/Cons of options identified, & materials prepared for fall public presentations
  • Sep-Oct 2022
    • Focus Groups (subsets of the Advisory Committee) provide detailed feedback on the options
    • Leadership Team incorporates feedback into revised versions of the options
  • Nov-Dec 2022
    • Staff & Community Conversations/Presentations to gather feedback on the options
    • Survey of all parents (& students) in order to gather additional feedback
    • Leadership Team incorporates feedback into “preliminary final versions” of the options
  • Jan-Feb 2023
    • 1/9/23 Board Meeting: “Preliminary final versions” are presented to Board & public
    • 1/30/23 Board Meeting: “Preliminary final versions” are discussed and Board chooses one to move forward to a vote next meeting
    • 2/6/23 Board Meeting:  Board votes on the one, final version
  • Mar-Aug 2023
    • Leadership Team crafts plans for new start and end times (per Board-adopted final version)

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