Welcome Alumni of Wissahickon High School! The school district is excited to offer opportunities for all alumni of Wissahickon High School to stay in touch and work together to build a strong Trojan community that links our past, present and future. Keep reading to learn more about how to stay connected and get involved in alumni and school district events and activities.

Ways for Alumni to Get Involved

1. Join the Wissahickon Alumni Network! Provide your contact information to stay in touch. We will share news about events and activities, alumni updates, and volunteer opportunities.

2. Connect with us on LinkedIn!

3. Volunteer with the Wissahickon Alumni Network:

  • Ambassador: Serve as an Ambassador for current WHS students visiting your campus
  • Mentor: Interact and communicate with current WHS students about post-graduate experiences
  • Guest Speaker: Participate at various WHS college and career events
  • Job-Shadowing: Host a current WHS Senior for a one-day job shadow
  • Internship: Provide an internship opportunity for current WHS students

4. Subscribe to the quarterly e-newsletter - Wiss Nation - for alumni news and more!

5. Serve as a Class Representative that includes communicating information to your classmates. If you are interested, please complete Wissahickon Alumni Network contact form and check the box for Class Representative.

6. Like the Wissahickon School District Alumni Facebook page! 

WHS Alumni Hall of Fame Overview

WHS Alumni Association: The Wissahickon High School Alumni Association was in operation from 1986-2003 and then it was discontinued from 2004 - 2012. It was reinstated in 2012 until 2015 before becoming defunct again. Alumni activities are currently organized through WHS and the WSD Communications Department.   

Hall of Fame: In 2016, Wissahickon High School re-established the Alumni Hall of Fame to honor Wissahickon/Ambler alumni with exemplary achievements in the areas of post-graduate career accomplishments; leadership within career organizations/industries; community service and voluntary leadership in their community; prior recognition and honors; and/or innovative accomplishments. Alumni are inducted to the Hall of Fame in October each year.  

Athletic Hall of Records: Prior to 2003, there was an Athletic Hall of Fame that honored current Wissahickon High School students for their outstanding athletic achievements as a high school student. Beginning in 2018, Wissahickon High School started developing a Hall of Athletic Records that will recognize all WHS varsity record holders in boys' and girls' sports. In addition, the Athletic Hall of Records includes those high school athletes who are listed on the cloth banners that used to hang in the Round Gym. Read more about the Hall of Records on our WHS Athletics Website. 

Former Athletic Hall of Fame: On the Wissahickon Athletics website, there is a table with an exhaustive list of those student-athletes who are listed on the cloth banners that used to hang in the Round Gym at Wissahickon High School. Although, the banners have been taken down, due to wear/tear and renovations, we want to continue to honor and recognize our student-athlete alumni who earned their place in the former Athletic Hall of Fame. Therefore, that webpage intends to serve as an archive for their outstanding athletic achievements within the Ambler High School and Wissahickon High School communities. The district was not able to locate any records of the Athletic Hall of Fame – only names that were listed on the cloth banners that used to hang in the Round Gym. The last person to be listed on these banners was from the Class of 1988, so we believe it was discontinued in the early 1990s. We do not know who selected the inductees or what criteria was used. This information is organized by graduating class year according to yearbook data. Click here to view the former Athletic Hall of Fame.

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View the 2021 Hall of Fame Inductees

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