Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Logo with starThe Wissahickon High School  Alumni Hall of Fame honors those alumni with exemplary achievement in the areas of post-graduate career accomplishments; leadership within career organizations/industries; community service and voluntary leadership in their community; prior recognition and honors; and/or innovative accomplishments. By induction in the Wissahickon High School Alumni Hall of Fame, they will forever be recognized as representing the best of Wissahickon. Their success is a reflection of the opportunities provided them throughout their high school experience as a Wissahickon Trojan.

Inductees are recognized at an induction ceremony in October and on the WHS Wall of Honor featuring an interactive digital display containing information about our Hall of Fame inductees; career spotlights; and staff alumni interviews. Our Hall of Fame includes more than 140 alumni from Ambler High School and Wissahickon High School. 

Athletic Hall of Records: Prior to 2003, there was an Athletic Hall of Fame that honored current Wissahickon High School students for their outstanding athletic achievements as a high school student. This is now defunct as student-athletes are recognized in a variety of other ways, including team awards, club awards, Senior Awards Night and Scholarship Awards). Beginning in 2018, Wissahickon High School started developing a Hall of Athletic Records that will recognize all WHS varsity record holders in boys' and girls' sports. In addition, the Athletic Hall of Records will include those high school athletes who were previously inducted in the Athletic Hall of Fame and listed on the cloth banners that used to hang in the Round Gym. Read more about the Hall of Records on our WHS Athletics Website.