Class of 1944

Dorothy Marple, Class of 1944Dorothy Marple

AHS Activities:
Salutatorian; Homeroom President (9); Homeroom Secretary (10); Class President (10); Press Club (10-12); Field Hockey (10-12); Assistant Editor-in-Chief, R-Ambler (11); Costume Manager (10,11); National Honor Society (11,12); Hall Guard (12); Student Council (10-12); Editor-in Chief, R-Ambler (12); Library Club (10,11); Executive Committee (12); Forensic Participant (9-11); Honor Roll (9-12); Forum (12)

Post-Graduate Achievements:
Graduate, Ursinus College, Syracuse University and Columbia University; Assistant Dean of Women, Duke Univeristy; Executive Director, Lutheran Church Women; Assistant to Bishop, Lutheran Church in America; Member, National Council of Churches; Global outreach, USSR, Switzerland, India, Kenya, Mexico, Austria, Sir Lanka and Sweden