Class of 2007

Katie O'Donnell Bam, Class of 2007Kathleen O'Donnell Bam

WHS Activities: Field Hockey (9-12); Lacrosse (10-12); Soccer (9); Ilium (11,12); Interact (10-12); National Honor Society (11,12); Suburban 1/Philadelphia Player of the Year & First Team All-State for three years

Post-Graduate Achievements: First Team All-American at University of Maryland for four years; 2010 National Player of the Year and Sportswoman of the Year; 2012 USA Olympic Field Hockey team; Retired jersey #16 in January 2011.

Sam Tsui, Class of 2007Samuel Tsui

WHS Activities: Musical (10-12); Camerata (10-12); Trojan Times (9-12); Debate (9); Chamber (10-12); National Honor Society (11,12); Drama (11,12); Choir (10-12); Barbershop (11,12); Concert Chorus (10-12)

Post-Graduate Achievements: Graduate, Yale University; Youtube Cover Channel with a worldwide fan base; Award winning soloist and choreographer.