Family Resources

WSD Financial Assistance

It is the mission of the Wissahickon School District to ensure that all students are provided the basic necessities (e.g. healthy breakfast and lunch, clothing and school supplies required by the district). It is also imperative that all students are given the opportunity to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities that enhance their academic, social, physical and emotional growth.

CLICK HERE: We encourage you to review our Financial Assistance Protocols—Parent/Guardian for information about the resources available to our families with financial need and who to contact for assistance.

All requests for financial assistance are strictly confidential.

Community Partners & Services to Assist Families

We encourage you to view the list of community programs, services and resources to support families. Click on the title to access more information.

Culturally Responsive Resources
Mother reading to daughter

Achieving equity and inclusion in WSD means we support family and community-wide conversations regarding anti-racism, anti-bias, and social justice. Please use and share the culturally responsive resources we have compiled to better understand and discuss how we, as a whole community, can create a more inclusive environment, where all students feel safe, valued, and welcome.


Community Conversation Workshop Series: Equity & Cultural Responsiveness

We invite WSD parents/guardians to learn more about district efforts toward equity and cultural responsiveness by viewing the series of presentations below with Keziah LaTorre, WSD Director of Equity and Cultural Responsiveness.

Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices Recording: This session explores this practice and its relevance to meaningful student learning experiences. View Powerpoint

Social Emotional Learning Recording: This session will explore SEL’s relationship to Culturally Responsive Teaching and its importance to students’ overall social, emotional, mental, behavioral, and academic wellness and success. View Powerpoint 

Sense of Belonging Recording: This session highlights the learning opportunities that our district leadership team and staff experienced regarding belonging and its importance in fostering connection, purpose, and achievement. View Powerpoint

Importance of Language & Mindset Recording: This session explores the benefits of using a strengths-based approach in language and mindset to foster thriving relationships and empowering decision-making skills for student wellness and success. View Powerpoint

Restorative Practices: This session explores Restorative Practices which empower students to learn from their choices, understand their impact, and grow personally in their ability to make sound decisions and resolve conflicts. View Powerpoint

Health/wellness image

Please refer to the links below for health and wellness related information and resources to support our students and families. Click on the title to access the online resource.

Mental Health Parent Workshop Series

WSD was pleased to provide a virtual parent workshop series in partnership with two local mental health agencies, Aldersgate Youth Service Bureau (AYSB) and Regna Services, in March 2022. Recorded workshops are linked below.

Warning Signs of Mental Health & Depression in Children

Building Self-Esteem in Children
Resources: Self Esteem Activity
Strengths and Wannabes

Adolescent Mental Health & Substance Abuse: Helping Your Teen During COVID & Beyond