​​​​​​​WSD Financial Assistance Protocols – Parent /Guardian Information

As part of the educational experience in the Wissahickon School District, there are a variety of fees that are assessed to support our academic and co-curricular programs. In some cases, these fees help protect our investment in 21st century technology, such as insurance for the laptops provided to each student in grades 6-12.

Other fees support curriculum-related events such as field trips. As a student moves into the high school years, there are fees for college related tests, such as SAT/PSAT. Additionally, there may be fees associated with activities such as athletics, music, art, clubs or school-sponsored events such as dances.

All of these programs and activities are considered to be an important part of each student’s educational experience. Wissahickon values our families’ support in funding these exceptional programs and activities which enhance the student’s academic, social, physical and emotional growth. However, we also realize that these fees may present a hardship to a family, and as a result, it is our mission to ensure that no student goes without necessary school supplies or forgoes participation in an activity/school event due to the expense.

In support of that mission, the district offers waivers to a family with financial need for various expenses and fees that are considered essential to a child’s education.

Laptop Insurance Fee Waiver

The annual laptop insurance fee charged to a 6-12 grader is automatically waived for all students on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program as the laptop is an essential tool for a student’s learning. 

National School Lunch Program

This program ensures a student receives a healthy lunch at a free or reduced rate. For the 2021-22 school year, meals are free for all students. However, it is essential to complete the application to have access to many other resources.  Therefore, we strongly encourage families to review the program eligibility guidelines for the National Schools Lunch Program and complete an application.

Please note that the application is now submitted electronically. If you need assistance in applying, please contact Katie Meyer  at (215) 619-8000 extension 1110 or by email kmeyer@wsdweb.org.

Assistance for Other Education-Related Fees

In addition to financial assistance for previously listed expenses, there is also support available to Wissahickon students and families to help with other costs that are an important part of a child’s education and growth. If your family experiences financial difficulties with any school-related expenses, please do not hesitate to contact the school principal or guidance counselor to discuss eligibility for support and payment options. All requests are strictly confidential.

College Application Fees

In some instances of economic hardship, students applying to college may have some college application costs (application fees, test fees, etc.) waived. Please contact the High School Guidance Office and speak with your Counselor for information on eligibility.

School-Based Activity Fees

Dues for a club or a school sponsored event may be waived for families participating in the National School Lunch Program; or during some instances of financial hardship families may be eligible for a payment arrangement. Please do not hesitate to contact the school principal or guidance counselor to discuss eligibility for support and payment options.

Additionally, partner organizations, such as the home and school associations in each school, hold fundraisers which can help cover expenses for a family with financial need. The district also receives contributions from charitable organizations and local government agencies to support families with school-related necessities.

Lastly, we also encourage families to check out the resources available through a variety of charitable organizations in the area. These organizations are unique in the ways they help families pay for a wide range of other, often not necessarily school-related necessities, such as food and clothing, as well as more specific needs such as fees for summer camp or extracurricular activities. We have a list of these agencies under Family Resources.