**Due to the current pandemic, school volunteers will be extremely limited. Principals will use their discretion when opportunities arise for school volunteers.**

Wissahickon School District values the contributions that volunteers make to the educational programs of our schools and encourages parents and community members to volunteer.

To ensure the safety and welfare of students and personnel in the district and to comply with state and federal laws, Wissahickon School District implemented new school volunteer policies, WSD Board Policy #902 and Policy #806, and Guidelines Policy #806.1 related to the Child Protective Services Law and the PA School Code.

Changes in the laws and WSD policies effect ALL new and previous volunteers. Please note that ALL volunteers are required to complete the following:

  1. Complete an annual WSD Volunteer Disclosure Statement (for all returning and new volunteers)
  2. If you are a new volunteer, or an existing volunteer requiring clearance updates, use the below links to obtain and submit the following clearances:
    • FBI Fingerprints (Act 114) - Effective November 28, 2017 there is a new provider.
      • Enter your service code (1KG6Y3 for Volunteering)
      • Complete registration process
      • Select a location & appointment time.
      • Print the pre-enrollment form to take to your appointment with a check, money order or credit card.
      • NOTE: (FBI clearance is not required if you've been a Pennsylvania resident for ten consecutive years prior to the date of your volunteer application and you complete the Volunteer Disclosure Statement)
  3. Submit WSD Volunteer Disclosure Statement and clearances to the school your child attends.
  4. Once your paperwork has been processed, you will receive a link via your email to complete an online Child Abuse Recognition Training session. (For new volunteers)


Do you have questions about volunteer requirements? Please contact your child's school.

As always, thank you for your contribution of time, talent, resources and support. We appreciate your willingness to volunteer in our schools and hope you know how much your efforts mean to our staff and students!