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The educational program offered by the Wissahickon School District values the presence of all students and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. WSD School Board Policy #204, in accordance with State laws, requires that enrolled school-aged students attend school regularly. 

REQUIRED: Absence/Tardy Excuse Notifications

If your child is to be absent or tardy, you must call the attendance line or email the attendance office (email is strongly preferred). If you choose to send an email, an additional excuse note is not necessary. If you choose to call the office, an excuse note must be provided to the attendance office that your student attends within three (3) days of their return to school.

The email and phone call must contain the following information: date, student name, homeroom teacher and reason for absence. You may also print our Excuse Note and send it in with your student.  

Print Absence/Tardy Excuse Form

Blue Bell Elementary School 
215-619-8102 ext. 2099 or press 2         

Lower Gwynedd Elementary School
215-619-8100 ext. 3099 or press 2

Shady Grove Elementary School
215-619-8106 ext. 4099 or press 2

Stony Creek Elementary School
215-619-8108 ext. 5099 or press 2

Wissahickon Middle School
619-8110 ext. 7099 or press 3

Wissahickon High School
215-619-8112 ext. 8031 or press 2

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The Pennsylvania School Code allows students to be absent only for “urgent reasons.” Urgent reasons may include illness, doctor and dentist appointments (with note from doctor or dentist), and religious reasons.

Families are strongly encouraged to read the Attendance section in the Student and Family Handbook for your child's school for more detailed information about policies and procedures. 

Elementary School Handbook
Wissahickon Middle School Handbook
Wissahickon High School Handbook

Attendance Information

Please read about the additional attendance requirements in the drop down menu below.