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Publicity Refusal

Photos, videotape footage and personal interviews with Wissahickon students who are involved in various school-related activities are often used as part of the district’s community relations efforts including district publications, website, Wissahickon Television programs and WSD social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

To protect the privacy of our students and families, parents/guardians are asked to notify the district if you DO NOT want your child(ren) to be photographed or videotaped for WSD communication purposes.

Please complete the form below if you DO NOT want photographs or videotape of your child(ren) intentionally used in WSD district publications, website, Wissahickon Television programs and the WSD social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Please note your child’s photo will still be included in the WSD yearbook unless otherwise specified in writing to the School Principal. Also, please be advised that selecting this option prevents intentional use of your child’s photo or videotape footage. In situations in which large groups of people are participating, it is impossible not to photograph or videotape certain students, and, therefore, we cannot prevent the use of photos or videotape footage that unintentionally includes your child. Additionally, students that participate in school activities and/or athletics may be photographed or videotaped by members of the media or the general public while participating. Under these circumstances, the WSD Publicity Consent Form would not be a valid means of preventing photographs or videotape of a specific student.

DEADLINE: Please complete by Friday, September 6, 2024.