Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Q&A

All Board Meetings can be viewed on Comcast Channel 28 and Verizon Channel 41. The Board Meetings air on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Watch the School Board Meetings OnDemand. Look for the current year playlist (i.e. 2020-2021 Wissahickon School Board Meetings) for a compilation of the school board meeting videos.

Q & A: Community members are welcome and encouraged to attend WSD School Board meetings to provide comments or ask questions. For the benefit of the entire Wissahickon community, the answers to a question asked during a meeting are posted on this page. Please note if no questions were asked at a meeting, no Q & A will appear.

Click here to view Board Committee Agendas and Minutes

The Wissahickon Board of School Directors will hold virtual public meetings.  The community may participate in these meetings through a remote connection using Zoom virtual meeting platform.

How to view the meeting

Members of the public may view the public meeting as an attendee for the Zoom webinar. There is no cost to use Zoom as an attendee. You may access the specific details for each Zoom meeting by clicking on the event on the School Board Calendar.

Click here for instructions to view a Zoom Board Meeting

There is no cost to use Zoom as an attendee. Specific details for each Zoom meeting can be accessed by clicking on the event on the School Board Calendar: Go to the School Board Calendar.

Instructions for Public Comments

Public comment is available during the virtual public meeting via Zoom.

  1. Members of the public who wish to make a comment/statement may use the “raise hand” feature in the Zoom webinar. Public comments are received in the order in which hands are raised.
    1. During the FIRST public comment, you may make a comment/statement about topics listed on the meeting agenda only.
    2. During the SECOND public comment, you may make a comment/statement about any school-related topic.
  2. When your name is announced, please unmute your microphone and state your name, address, municipality of residence, and topic for which you want to make a comment.
    1. Please note, we will do our best to ensure that you have the opportunity to speak. However, if we do not hear you begin speaking once unmuted, we will move to the next speaker and your name will not be recalled.
  3. A maximum of five (5) speakers will be heard on the same topic.
  4. Please limit your comments/statement to a maximum of three (3) minutes.
  5. It is the Board’s practice not to engage in dialogue with speakers.  When appropriate, follow up responses will be posted on the District’s website (