SGES Calendar

The website calendar(s) features an alert tool that allows families to receive email and text message alerts when events are added or changed. Additionally, alerts can be set up to receive district and/or school-specific news that is posted on the WSD website. Click on the yellow bell icon at the right-hand corner of the calendar to set up your alerts.

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2020-2021 Calendar: View and download the district calendar

2021-2022 Calendar: View and download the district calendar

2022-2023 Calendar: View and download the district calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, May 30
Tue, Jun 1
All Elem
Wed, Jun 2
All Elem
Thu, Jun 3
All Elem
Fri, Jun 4
All Elem
Sat, Jun 5
Sun, Jun 6
Mon, Jun 7
All Elem
Tue, Jun 8
All Elem
Wed, Jun 9
All Elem
Thu, Jun 10
All Elem
Fri, Jun 11
All Elem
Sat, Jun 12
Sun, Jun 20
Mon, Jun 21
Tue, Jun 22
Wed, Jun 23
Thu, Jun 24
Fri, Jun 25
Sat, Jun 26
Sun, Jun 27
Mon, Jun 28
Tue, Jun 29
Wed, Jun 30
Thu, Jul 1
Fri, Jul 2
Sat, Jul 3