Schoology is the learning management system used by all teachers and students in grades 6-12 that provides parent/student access to assignments and grades. One username and password within Schoology grants access to your child(ren)’s teachers, courses, schoolwork and grades.

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Infinite Campus is the district's web-based student information portal that contains family contact information and includes various student information including: attendance, discipline, report cards, health information, class schedules (WMS/WHS only) and other school activities .

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Career Pathways Portfolio (formerly known as the Graduation Project)

Wissahickon High School and by order of the state of Pennsylvania, every student is required to complete career awareness activities by the end of their junior year.  A graduation requirement has been in existence in the district for almost 20 years. The last few years, the program has evolved to align with the Pennsylvania Career Standards. The intention of this graduation requirement is that students will graduate Wissahickon High School with career awareness and preparation, career retention and entrepreneurship exposure. This Career Pathways Portfolio provides students with the opportunity to explore their own strengths while discovering possible career fields.  The more effort put forth by the student in this portfolio, the richer the results.

Starting in the 2021-2022 school year, the Class of 2023 and the Class of 2024 will complete assignments each marking period focusing on specific elements of the Career and Technical Education Standards. The manuals below will detail each assignment and the resources the students should use to aid them in these requirements.

The students are assigned a Career Pathways Portfolio class and teacher on Schoology upon the start of next school year. However, no official class will meet in their school day. This portfolio is an independent study with a grading system of Pass/Fail. Students will utilize a new software program, Career Ready, to upload all required submissions for this project. Students are encouraged to communicate with their Portfolio teacher and school counselor to aid them in their requirements.  Students may seek assistance from any of the 3 teachers (Mrs. Inderbitzin, Mrs. Minges Klusman, Mrs. Schuman), however there will be an alphabetical break-down with each teacher assigned to a specific portion of the class. All information and forms are below and can also be found on your student’s Career Pathways Portfolio Schoology page.

Class of 2023 Career Pathway Video Introduction
Class of 2023 Career Pathways Portfolio Introduction
Class of 2023 Portfolio Manual 

Class of 2024 Career Pathways Video Introduction
Class of 2024 Career Pathways Portfolio Introduction
Class of 2024 Portfolio Manual 

Career Experience and Research Assignment Form