Student Assistance Program

Pennsylvania’s Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to assist school personnel in identifying issues including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and mental health issues which pose a barrier to a student’s learning.

The Role of the WHS SAP Team

  • Identify the problems that could impede/block learning
  • Determine if the problem can be resolved at the school level or if additional supports are needed
  • Make recommendations to assist
  • Inform parents and partner with parents when the problem lies beyond the scope of the school
  • Provide information on community resources
  • Collaborate with parents and agencies for in-school supports

Key Points

  • SAP is not treatment
  • SAP’s main objective is to identify issues that prevent students from being successful in their learning
  • SAP is a method for helping parents and students to access community-based services as well as in-school programs
  • Parents are essential to the SAP process
  • Data will be used when determining if students are appropriate for SAP

Make a SAP Referral

There are several ways to make a SAP referral. Parents, teachers and students can complete a SAP Referral Form and submit it to any member of the SAP team or Mrs. Sonetto in the Main Office. Parents and Teachers may email any member of the SAP team to make a referral. Students have access to a QR code posted on fliers in the building to make anonymous referrals.

View the informational brochure about SAP. If you have a student concern or would like additional information regarding this program, please contact: Cindy Moyer.

WHS SAP Team Members




Lynne Blair

Assistant Principal

Karen Haney

Assistant Principal

Lisa Kelly

Assistant Principal

Jim Kelly

School Counselor

Antoinette Perrotta

School Counselor

Cailin Diebolt

School Counselor

Marissa Samit

School Counselor

Vince Yasenchak

School Counselor

Felicia Glover

Resource Counselor

Cindy Moyer

Behavior Specialist

Erin Jerardi

School Psychologist

Lucy Gil

School Nurse

Linda Downing

School Resource Officer

Beth Sanborn


Bruce Fleming


Diana Torresani

Teacher Ian Williams