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Cap and Gown Order Information

As a reminder, it is time to order the cap, gown and tassel that your student will wear for Graduation 2023!

Please click to watch this short informational video, then place your order online using the link that appears after the video.  All orders for cap, gown and tassels must be placed online immediately.  If you are having difficulty paying for the items, please contact Dr. Karen Haney.

Cap, Gown and Tassel: $30.  The package to order online appears as if it is only the cap and gown.  This $30 package does indeed come with a standard tassel.

If you have a sibling gown, you may not need all three.  In that case, items can be purchased separately:

  • Gown only:  $21.55
  • Cap only: $6.05
  • Standard tassel only: $9.00

Any orders for just the caps and the standard tassel cannot be placed online.  Please place the order for caps and standard tassels only by contacting Jostens directly at 215.542.8170 with a credit card.

Also, it's not too late to order a class ring.  Click here to order a ring.

All Grades: College, Career and Financial Aid Planning

All college & career related information may be found under the School Counseling section of the website. This includes:

  • College Planning Timeline for Every Grade
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT Information
  • Career Planning Resources

Parents are encouraged to create a SCOIR account to receive regular email updates from the College and Career Counselor, Stacy Anderson.