FAQ: Wissahickon Virtual Academy


What is the Wissahickon Virtual Academy (WVA)?  

The Wissahickon Virtual Academy (WVA) is a tuition-free educational experience for cyber learners who reside within the boundaries of the Wissahickon School District. The virtual academy is designed for students who are looking for a more flexibly scheduled educational program. The reasons why a family would choose WVA vary widely. 

Who is eligible to enroll in WVA? 

Students in grades K-12 who reside within the boundaries of the Wissahickon School District may attend WVA. For the Fall of 2021, families and students with COVID-related concerns and seeking a virtual learning option in Grades K-12 should select WVA.  Students in grades K-12 who would choose the WVA for reasons beyond COVID can still do so. 

What information do I need to provide for my student to begin the enrollment process? 

New students in the Wissahickon schools will need to first register with the district’s Registrar to enroll with the Wissahickon School District, and then choose the Wissahickon Virtual Academy option. Registration information and required documentation is available on the Registration web page of the district website: https://www.wsdweb.org/departments/registration.   

Students who are currently enrolled at Wissahickon School District will have an expedited experience. A school counselor will contact the student and their family to begin the course selection process. 

Can high school students take classes at North Montco Technical Career Center (NMTCC) and WVA? 

Part-time NMTCC students can register with WVA for their core classes. 

Course Offerings

May students take courses online with WVA and in-person in the classroom at Wissahickon School District?  

No, students may not enroll in both WVA and in-person. Students must choose between online or in-person courses, respectively.  

What are the course offerings in the WVA? 

WVA works in conjunction with the Montgomery County Virtual Program (MVP) to provide courses through the Academy.  A list of course offerings is available here: https://mvp.mciu.org/what-we-offer/course-lists/ .  All MVP courses meet Pennsylvania Academic Standards.  Please note that there are many providers that MVP works with, and this list should not be considered comprehensive.  Please consult the bottom of this page for more resources and course catalogs (especially for those questions concerning World Language at the secondary level). 

SPECIAL NOTE:  For Fall of 2021, school counselors will replicate the course selection that WMS and WHS students already completed.  Please understand that due to administrative and registration deadlines, school staff will make every effort to enroll students in classes that they already selected. 

Class Instruction

Who teaches the courses at the WVA? 

MVP is responsible for all instruction and educational support including the assignment of instructors.  All MVP instructors are certified in their content areas. 

When do WVA classes meet for instruction? 

WVA class meetings are asynchronous, which means there is no set meeting time.  Students are expected to complete their work independently. However, WVA teachers offer the following options for synchronous support: 

  • Weekly synchronous office hours  

  • Built-in synchronous support chat (7-day) 

  • 1:1 teacher meeting by appointment 

  • Synchronous recess periods focus on social-emotional learning and mindfulness lessons 

Student Support

How are supports offered to students with an IEP, GIEP, or 504 Plan? 

The respective school team will adjust the student’s individual plan accordingly as appropriate for the online learning environment. Please be aware that WSD supports might be necessary to implement all parts of the plan, which may require the student to come to school to access the necessary supports during school hours. 

High School Students

Will WVA students earn a Wissahickon diploma? 

Yes, students will need to meet the same graduation requirements of Wissahickon School District to earn a Wissahickon High School diploma. Students must meet these requirements: earn 26.8 credits in various subject areas; complete the Graduation Project; and demonstrate proficiency on state-mandated Keystone content. 

What will my high school transcript look like from the WVA? 

All courses taken through the WVA will have a special notation on the Wissahickon High School transcript indicating that the course(s) were taken through WVA.